Mars Expedition 2030-2050! Part 2


Transology keeps an eye on the space development programs (NASA, CSA, ESA, JAXA & RSA) while performing group skywatch sessions on the field. This is an important factor because the EBE’s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) are following the same progress. Our baby steps into space! During the CTS (Coherent Thought Sequencing) process, where the group interlinks mind waves through a meditative state, you can actually receive a message (CE9). Let us first describe the real reality of space concerning our solar system and intelligent life in it. The Earth is our crib (school) whereas the solar system the playground to get acquainted with space. Some of the EBE’s are caretakers because they had a hand in our genetic cooking (the entire ancient astronaut theory could be applied here). They follow our progress without much interference (that’s the prime directive). In the bigger picture we can sense their parenthood through some restrictions. There are two things the EBE’s won’t allow us to do.

  • We can’t leave the solar system until we pass our galactic adult exam (this has to do with Logic, Ethics and Control and the way we line ourselves with the Cosmic Law).
  • We cannot destroy the planet (ecosystem) or other parts in the solar system with nuclear weapons. We can however keep on fooling ourselves by pointing rockets from one continent (nation) to another for the time being.

Going to Mars is therefore a marvelous scientific undertaking that will bring us more understanding of space and interplanetary travel. However, it is in many ways completely pointless as the main focus (and we received this through CE9) should be the creation of a space vessel that allows humans to live and breath similar to Earth’s conditions. We don’t need to float around like we see in the ISS, we need artificial gravity. The craft should have its own planetary gravity and comforts way beyond our own. Only then will we be able to travel the stars. The moment we achieve in this the EBE’s will join us and test our technological achievement next to our enlightenment. No warmongering species is allowed to use certain technology and leave their solar system. There can’t be racism, capitalistic competing, ego driven attitude, political lies and all resources should be divided equally. This is only a small fraction of what we have to learn when we go into space.


Transology uses the Celestron Skymaster – 25×70 – Porro!

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