Mars Expedition 2030-2050! Part 1


Allot has happened since Marsnik 1 (1960) was launched by the Sovjet-Union in the hope to reach Mars. At this moment 5 spacecrafts still orbit the red planet and the ‘Opportunity’ (since 2003) and the ‘Curiosity’ (since 2011) are still operating on its surface. But NASA has bigger plans still. They mean to put humans on Mars through a series of highly expensive and most dangerous expeditions. This endeavor is really underway. Tests are conducted and equipment is being developed as we speak. The ‘Space X’ organization is currently developing a new reusable rocket, called the ‘Falcon 9’, and tries to make Mars travel cheaper. This scientific and technological feat will be the greatest step for mankind so far. NASA expects this project to result in a real and fully operational colony.


Nightwatch preparations!

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