Male Viking Shoot Participants!


The Viking-shoot is introducing its first male participants.

Sonny Lenssen is a seasoned Viking model and knows something about photography. His interest in the subject is all about Vikings in themselves, how they adapted to their harsh surroundings, the natural shortages and the way they used their battle techniques. In short, Sonny has his own way of transporting himself to the age of the Vikings and their love for living in perfect harmony with nature.

Sonny Lenssen and family in full authentic Viking outfit

Sonny has been to Norway on several occasions during his military career and holds a deep respect for the country, its unique Viking history and the old Norse magical staves or Seidr practice. This project brings him closer to the link between the successful Ancient Aliens TV show, which he finds fascinating, and the Viking age.

“People of today should be more like the real woman and man of the Viking age!” Sonny Lenssen

Sonny Lenssen (left) during a Viking skirmish re-enactment

Henri Swinkels understands that the universe is a true mystery. The beginning of life, the seed of mankind and the origine of the UAP’s (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Henri doubts we will ever unravel all the universe its secrets. The search for answers will remain an unstoppable chain of discoveries into the unknown.

Henri Swinkels during Viking reenactment

In Henri’s opinion our search into the universe resembles the Vikings their once bold trek into the unknown. Most people know the Vikings as ferocious looters and barbaric conquerers from the cold north. Henri holds a different opinion and sees the Vikings as inspired travelers and resourceful discoverers. They created vast trade routes, stretching over the Earth, with the help of their ships. The Viking longships appeared to be unseaworthy vessels at first sight but were in fact wonders of early naval engineering.

According to Henri the Viking age has more questions than answers and therefore he welcomes all further exploration into the subject. One of these fascinating in-depth studies is his Viking reenactment hobby. You play a Viking (role or figurant) as accurate as you can, by use of authentic clothing and other attributes. Henri tries to crawl into the Viking way of life allowing himself to come closer to the answers he seeks. The Viking reenactment led to Henri’s fascination of archeologie, which he’s studying, and could lead to more answers.

“Perhaps, unexplainable things will emerge that’ll give us new insights. We might learn more of the mysteries surrounding both the Vikings and the universe.” Henri Swinkels




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