Laurence Fishburne Starring in A ‘Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident’ Series!


Fishburne, known for playing Morpheus in The Matrix, will play Tyrone, a retired American airman previously stationed at the US air base during the height of the Cold War. Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen has a friendly relationship with ex USAF Jim Penniston, the man in question that touched the UFO back in 1980, and proclaims that the Rendlesham incident has conflicted theories. Penniston straightened them out in his book, the first in a duology, ‘The Rendlesham Enigma’. However, the shrouded myth surrounding the incident has a tendency to live its own life. The series with Fishburne will probably shoot in-between truth and fiction as is always the case but that doesn’t mean that some important materials could be translated into it.

It is not yet known when the anthology will be screened but Eleventh Hour Films said it is hoped it will be a returning series. It will be distributed by Sony Pictures Television.


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