Kimberly Porth Shares Her Skywatch Story!


Transology interviews Kimberly Porth of the Brighton CE-5 Skywatch Group. Skywatch sessions take place in Hamburg Michigan, USA

“Hello my name is Kimberly Marie Porth. I have been involved in Human initiated Contact since 2013, shortly after I saw the “Sirius” documentary. It has been an incredible journey! 7/18/2019.”

How did you get involved into the UFO phenomena?

“From a young age I was fascinated by the mysteries of our human experience. Always seeking answers to questions of which no one could give me in a way that satisfied my curiosities. Exceptionally intuitive, and sensitive I experienced many paranormal events through the years that didn’t make sense until I became older. In my 20’s there were a series of what I call now, contact events with extra-terrestrial beings. Abductions (if you will), being onboard a ship, and visitations in my room, receiving downloads of information. There was never any fear associated with my strange experiences, and felt I was somehow connected to these encounters. I was also seeing and knowing things beyond my ordinary every day life. I spoke of these events back in my 20’s, but quickly realized no-one else could relate. In spite of this I continued my path of spiritual growth and development. Fast forward, in 2013 I watched “SIRIUS documentary”, and I saw what Dr. Steven Greer was doing with these ‘Human Initiated Contact’ protocols. I was captivated. Watching this film ignited in me a burning desire to know all I could about this work. I could barely sleep the first few days, I was so excited. It was here that I could see with clarity a life purpose so strong, unfolding before my eyes. That Summer I attended my first contact training at Joshua Tree retreat center with Martyn Ellis followed by training expeditions with Dr. Steven Greer, and Enrique Villanueva.”

Can you tell us about your skywatch group in Michigan?

“When I returned from my training with Dr. Steven Greer in the Summer of 2014, I was excited to form a group in Michigan. Dr. Greer had recently created “ET Contact Network App.” which gave me access to people in my state of Michigan, to connect with those who were interested in the subject as well. The last 4 years I have partnered with Marcel Vidovic in bringing people together, in my home for informal discussions on various aspects of the CE-5 Initiative, Consciousness, Disclosure etc. and also hosting Skywatch Events. In 2018 we had the honor to speak at Michigan MUFON, and recently lead a skywatch event for them as well. This will be an ongoing research forum as we continue to grow in our consciousness and experience’s of this incredible phenomena.”

What Contact protocols and tools are you using?

“We initiate Contact with the use of protocols taught by Dr. Steven Greer, it is termed CE-5, (Human Initiated Contact). We realize that you do not need this particular methodology, but it is our chosen format. Consciousness is the foundation of CE-5 and ET Contact. Deep states of consciousness and expanded states of awareness aligned with the right intent are what truly facilitate contact with extra terrestrial intelligences. All of CE-5 field equipment is only meant to assist in that process. Initiating contact with ET’s can be achieved purely using the concepts of consciousness and conscious mind. CE-5 protocols have been utilized since 1990. All whom have used these protocols have reported positive & benevolent experiences. Protocols include: Field work tones, Puja, Meditation, CTS-Coherant Thought Sequencing, Remote Viewing, Mantra- chanting a sound. Common tools include: Stabilizing binoculars, Night vision equipment, Tri-Field meter, Radar detector, Digital recorder Boom box, Radio Transmitter, Camera and Video equipment, Green laser, Tri-Field meter, Apps include: Star chart (sky map), Satellite app, Flight radar (verify) planes, ET Contact tools.”

Have you ever experienced a close encounter of any kind, or do you know someone who testified to it?
Yes I have had many experiences of which I would call close encounters, and I know many

others that have as well. Since 2013 most of the experiences have been consciously initiated, and remembered.”

Whats your opinion on Crop Circles, and are they related to ET Contact?

“I am fascinated by Crop Circles. This is an area of the UFO phenomena I look forward to learning more about. I believe Crop Circles are forms of communication, giving us coded messages that relate to our evolution and world peace. Dr. Greer and his research team created their triangle shaped logo based on a crop circle discovered in 1992 in southwestern England. During a CTS meditation, the group decided to hold a vision of a triangular shape to see if it would be manifested. Shortly thereafter a triangle shaped crop formation was discovered.”

Do you believe that the military intelligence and or governments hold their own secret investigations regarding the extraterrestrial presence?
Yes I believe Trillions of our tax payers money is secretly funded into these deep state programs, to further their investigations, ongoing for many decades now. They have withheld the truth of these secret programs, and research, calling it a threat to our national security.”

Do you believe that Skywatching can be a key to full disclosure?

“Disclosure is happening every day as people are becoming more aware of a much bigger picture of reality than has currently been perceived. With that said there are still many who hold a view of the world based on what is being shown on the television, newspaper, and various social media sites. Even Youtube is being heavily censored. This is being done to create a narrative, that maintains control. It is becoming increasingly difficult to access truthful information. In my experience of contact, I have found “skywatching” to be a deeply connecting and powerful experience not only to each other as humans spending time together, but we are also reconnecting with nature, and the animals too. Eventually YES Skywatching is and will continue playing a significant part in bringing full disclosure, because what we are doing is opening our hearts and minds to a much bigger picture of reality. One that is beyond politics, religion, and all the controlling institutions of this planet. This work transcends the ego. It is beyond corruption, greed and separation. As humans we are yearning for truth and are ready to experience a deeper connection with our fellow human brothers and sisters and explore the great mysteries of our existence, beyond the small minded threats of control and fear. When we come together in circle under the stars (skywatching) we are active participants in manifesting a new world based on Love, Connection and Universal Peace.”

Whats your opinion on the Transology project in Belgium. How did you get connected with it?
The Transology project is wonderful! It is full of information and experiences by the research team led by Bart Bateman, on the subject of crop circles and the UFO phenomena. I look forward to joining you in circle one day! I believe Bart and I established a connection through facebook, via our interest and passion for the Contact experience.”


Transology Star Hill Skywatch, 2019

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  1. Such an awesome interview! So good to see how it is possible to connect with groups all over the world to bring disclosure closer to us all. Thanks Bart and Kimberly for this amazing peace of work. 😉

  2. You’re most welcome

  3. I am thrilled to see Kimberly and skywatching receiving such beautiful press. Skywatching is brings people of all backgrounds together in a shared quest to connect and know more. We each offer a piece of the puzzle through our shared experiences. Bravo! ❤️✨

    1. Thank you for your response

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