Jim Penniston Recommends Bart Uytterhaegen’s Research!


“Bart possess great observational skills.   A must in the field. He follows the evidence, this is the golden rule at looking at this phenomenon. I find Bart, in my view an exceptional investigator.  His ability to look at the smallest detail and then look at the overall picture and connect the dots in between. Is what we all strive to achieve.  He eagerly does “boots on the ground” investigated work. This is an essential, for every investigator to do. He knows you learn nothing by only researching on the internet.   I find his work with crop circles research, is quite remarkable!   
I am so happy to have done limited work in the past with Bart.  A truly enjoyable, experience.”

Jim Penniston (ex USAF)


UFO Sighting Above Ghent, Belgium, currently under investigation by Transology!

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