Disclosure Ballgame With Elon Musk!


What’s happening all around us? Is there an answer to all of this? Is the devil in the detail or is all the turmoil, terrorism, covid … you name it, random?! Perhaps we should be watching how things unfold like a chain reaction instead of what they all mean separately. Here’s the thing. SpaceX is putting more and more things into space. CEO Elon Musk strikes us a with a tweet that the pyramids are not of human origin. They are built by aliens! Was Elon Musk simply out of line? Egypt was not pleased with this sudden announcement and expressed their feelings about it strongly on twitter! Musk after all has 41 million followers on Twitter!

Now, we know that in 2017 the Pentagon indirectly released the information that tax payers invest 22 million $ in AATIP, a military program that studies UAPs, better known as UFOs. The word is out! The alien hypothesis is blowing in the direction of every media around the world. A dream coming true for all ufologists and UFO enthousiasts. But why? Does this has something to do with all the space stuff Elon Musk is shooting into space? Is he on to something? Or better still, is SpaceX going to stumble upon something important up there which will not be containable anymore? With NASA everything could be coordinated in terms of security. Everything went dark whenever something left the atmosphere. Now it’s a different ballgame! Space is not under government control anymore! So when news hit the world that Christopher Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and later for Security and Information Operations, revealed that they are seriously thinking ‘alien’ up there I see a connection in all of this. Elon Musk won’t only be shooting rockets into space .. he’s about to shoot information down on the Earth as well.

Bart Bateman


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