Is Belgium In Play Concerning the Official UAP Disclosure?


First we need to establish what we understand when we say ‘official’? In the Disclosure landscape we have big and small players. In dealing with the extraterrestrial issue the smaller nations leave it up to the big guys. In terms of nations, BUFON Transology is an organization that can be categorized under the ‘smaller players’. Belgium may very well be an important pivotal point in many other areas such as European politics but in all truth we were not really meaningful for speeding up the Disclosure on extraterrestrial issues. This changed somewhat in 2011 when Executive Director Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen formed BUFON Transology. BUFON Transology established a more thorough investigation. The objective is to activate Belgian investigation through official channels so that they can contribute to the global Disclosure. According to Bart Bateman Belgium should be involved. We have after all a major UAP Wave under our own roof. Belgium, most certainly, has a meaningful dossier to add to the larger UAP files. We’re talking global scale here. The Belgian UFO Wave is one of the largest dossiers in the entire UAP dossier and was investigated from an official perspective. Belgian Air Force General Wilfried de Brouwer conducted the investigation with help from SOBEPS (Société Belge d’étude des Phénomènes Spatiaux) which is the former UFO investigation group in Belgium.

An official Disclosure should come from the big players. Nations that have conducted the most promising research. The USA is the absolute forerunner, then the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan followed by China, India, France and perhaps Italy with their Vatican investigation. In many ways the Americans take the lead and call the shots because they have invested in a lot of homework. In all fairness it is up to all the smaller players to investigate the entire American Disclosure process before becoming involved. BUFON Transology has been doing this for over 20 years now and has conducted its own boots on the ground investigations for a decade. General de Brouwer was decades ahead by integrating SOBEPS, UFO investigators, into the Air Force assessment. This was in effect an exemplary manoeuvre that was duplicated by the Pentagon in recent years. The Pentagon create its own drip-feeding campaign since the start of 1947 with the ‘Roswell Crash’.

It made use of the Hollywood machine among other major artistic creators to influence the public view. Their latest work seems to be based on the Belgian UFO investigation under General de Brouwer. They have created their own UFO investigation cell, which is TTSA (Towards the Stars Academy), from scratch and it has the ability to use Pentagon investigation sources on things concerning the UAP phenomenon. As a small ‘hollywood-like’ kickstarter for controlling the entire Disclosure it created world news. Before people jump in a frenzy joy we should be mindful and see that this is only a partial Disclosure. They can still put a lid on everything that’s coming from the main source, which is the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) or disclose it through their own well-devised distribution channel. In the meantime we have a new process on our hands that could effect other nations and countries around the world. It has benefits, the cooperation of genuine UAP investigators that have the power to use official channels as a source for what they put out into the world. In all honesty it was Belgium that initiated this way of conducting a UAP Disclosure. General Wilfried de Brouwer has expressed the need for better investigation on the entire UAP phenomenon by which he means that ufology should be a career. People should be able to study and graduate as a UAP investigator. We need not be surprised if this could be another step into the entire Disclosure campaign. Belgium could become very important in the future because it handled the UFO Wave quite well. It was in effect an example to the world on how UAPs should be investigated.


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