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Is Ancient Aliens Designed For a Specific Purpose?


Ancient Aliens (AA) is a controversial series still going strong after sixteen seasons. It’s a succes and shows how much the public wants to be informed on the subject of UAPs. Amazing how the ‘Ancient Aliens’ theory is widely accepted at this point while founders, Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin, of the initial idea are strongly disputed by academics and still opposed by the conventional debunkers. The series are an undisputed hit. It shows to the scientific community that the truth always comes out one way or the other, no matter how hard you suppress it. It’s currently out there, packed in a wide series targeting almost every aspect of the larger UAP dossier. Ufologists have learned throughout the years that actively convincing people is unnecessary or downright time consuming without much result. The effort is futile. Eventually all truths will find their place and we can only pave the way towards that desired outcome by standing firm and advertising on how we proceed within the investigation itself. At this point AA is still catalogued on wikipedia as pseudoscience, pseudohistory and pseudoarcheology. This will change in time.

The Ancient Aliens theory is one out of eight segments in the larger official UAP dossier. The ‘official’ indication stands for the investigations and studies conducted by military, intelligence, reverse engineering companies, religious and government agencies. The bulk of these investigations is makes a solid frame on which other aspects of the UAP dossier can be applied. All public testimonials in terms of ‘Contactees’ and or ‘Abductees’, together with the conventional close encounters, are implemented on that frame. That’s necessary for cross referencing. Ufologists, whether officially capacitated or independent investigators, are very keen on straightening out the facts to find grip on the extraterrestrial question. They are nothing if not thorough.

What is the extraterrestrial question? Seeing the immense file material that makes up the official frame of reference we can safely say that there’s other intelligent life in the universe besides humans. However, that is not really the issue anymore. Aliens do exist as is proven over for the umpteenth time! Which brings us on the next two questions. How do they come here and what is their purpose for being here? The first question is widely speculated for decennia and to no real positive outcome. To get a more satisfying answer we can only delve into the materials released via ‘reverse engineering’ companies. That information is mostly still top secret and therefore hard to come by. Fortunately we have some information from companies such as ‘Northtrop Grumman’, ‘Lockheed Martin’ and ‘Bigelow Aerospace’ which have grown considerably due to reverse engineering from Roswell material etc. Their one time cloaked industry lies in the areas of space science, space technology and space engineering. Apart from these companies we have files concerning the propulsion of the UAP which ufologist Timothy Good has disclosed. At this point independent investigators with military connections know more on UAP technology than is out on the internet.

BUFON Transology Director Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen states that the internet is our real media and it is up to the people to be responsible on what information to absorb and therefore work with. Most information on the latest technological evolutions and achievements is up for grabs on these advanced engineering company websites.

“We can only educate the people on looking in the right direction in order to make them aware of the important information concerning the latest space technologies that have been put into practice”

In many ways the AA series is a sort of trigger-key by which the mainstream finds their way towards important information-keyholes. The show highlights and hints from the official UAP dossier so that the viewers can see the direction. These AA manoevers are intelligent designs which unlock real data if the viewer or consumer takes the necessary steps to complete the proces. It’s not google that is your friend but the websites of thousand companies that set out the important information by means of advertising for what they do and accomplish. In many ways the alien technology is already in motion. As we speak more and more technology is being used around the world and more importantly in space.


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