Inside the BUFON Transology Archive


Serious UAP investigation goes hand in hand with the creation of a well organized filing system. The orthodox method has been used by analysts for decades. Written data classified and studied in a certain way. Facts however are only markers that guide, but do they open truth? At what level does the power of the written word mislead? Researchers should keep this in mind.

Transology has its own versatile system and works both with the traditional methods of filing documents as well as assembling certain important information into laminated sheets. The proces already provided good results.

Plastic sheets taken from the BUFON Transology archive

The laminated sheets hold specific purposes. They are versatile in their use because some of them have to be used during expeditions. They can be seen as tools that gather certain information. The practical use goes without saying and helps the BUFON Transology team during their investigations.

Studying UAP files is most often just as solving a jigsaw puzzle. You need to be able to connect the dots. Therefore the laminated sheets are dubbed ‘Focus Enhancers’. As if playing a mind game you look upon the visually attractive information and at times something clicks. A piece falls into place. The BUFON Transology archive is therefore not only oriented on written dossiers. Executive director Bart Bateman oversees this proces very carefully keeping the visual stimuli present among investigators at all times. In his view this method can solve many more questions. They often come as a challenge inside the UAP files and are hard to solve when approached from a more conventional method. UAP researchers simply reading testimonies and written facts will not be able to grip a bigger reality that the files demand. Solving the UAP files, which is still seen as the ‘UFO problem’ inside the military industrial complex, is not a matter of giving one simple solution to it all. If we learn anything by studying the extraterrestrial materials it is that the solution takes many steps of development inside our own awareness.

The Transology filing system gives a strong hint at the method of bringing the researcher beyond himself by accessing non-local aspects of consciousness. This state of study goes beyond the past, present and the future. Therefore some of the ‘Focus Enhancers’ only hold visual information. No words at all! This is to stimulate the eye-consciousness connection that can create an opening to the cosmic consciousness or the cosmic field. That could be odd for people who work with archives in a more conventional way but during BUFON Transology investigations it makes perfect sense as if the researchers is working with an ever growing file that is organic in nature and will access information both from the cosmic consciousness and the human DNA. Could this be the future of working with data? Can information be activated by simply looking at pictures? According to Bart Bateman the eye holds a key position into absorbing a more complete package of data, raw and unrefined opposed to the written word, which is boggy.

Becoming a UAP investigator is a challenge of opening your awareness in different aspects and wavelengths. By doing so the researcher will tap into more and more information that widens the question but doesn’t necessarily give convenient answers.


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