Huge Transology Sigil Appears in Ghost-Town ‘Doel’!


Since 2011 BUFON Transology had a steady growth process throughout the years of its existence. Most investigators inside the UAP network are well aware of this intriguing Belgian investigation team which keeps popping up whenever UFO’s are highlighted. The investigation reports by the team revolving UAP activity and its massive files, Skywatch procedures and Crop Circles are well known and followed by many with great interest.

Transology is seen within the communities as a trustworthy network of investigators seeking answers. That determined search for answers created a paradigm of open empirical research allowing many opinions to exist between the persevering investigators inside the team. While some still debate the question wether Crop Circles are manmade designs to trick the ‘believers’ opposed to exraterrestrial interventions Transology’s team members focus on the facts and boots on the ground research. Executive Director Bart Bateman states the following …

“We have no need for scientific reports created to defend a dogmatic academic system not allowing the proper integration of anomalies that can change our perspective on things and ultimately the world”.

BUFON Transology team members preparing the artwork in Doel, Antwerp

Unknown to most is that Bart himself designed the Transology Sigil for several of reasons in the organization’s early days. It is as he says a spearhead action to create an opening and by all means and intentions an interdimensional magnetic tool. The first clue can be found in its very name. The Sigil is called ‘Sagitta’ or ‘Cosmic Arrow’ and indicates a focus point for Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS). This design is a hint towards the ancient mystery schools where initiated people received the concept of cosmic focus whereupon intention could be installed. The Sigil in itself shows a strong indication of ascension as well as the need for humanity to focus on advanced space travel. We’re not talking about rockets and other barbaric propulsion systems .. we’re focussing on anti-gravitics.

Transology preparing the Sigil design with artist Randell Sarneel

Space is the true undiscovered country and the Sagitta symbol depicts that very well. To recreate it in this magnitude, hight and dimension, at Doel, Antwerp, reminds us that we long for reaching the stars. Something humans have done since our historical start on this planet. Are we truly engaged in this process of star travel? Bart comments …

“The many space agencies around the world do not quench my thirst for believing mankind is truly occupied and engaged in space travel. For all intents and purposes, in my opinion, we haven’t even started yet simply because we climb to the stars with the wrong technological means.”

Transology team members seem to climb into an upcoming self-devised stargate

The Sigil can also be seen as a projection tool allowing skywatchers to send in the very intention of space travel. On closer inspection, already seen by those with a keen eye, the symbolic art shows other clues hidden in plain sight. No stars can be seen between the legs of the Sagitta triangle. They are clearly visible outside them as if something cuts into the space-time continuum. To the experienced UAP files examinator this can only mean one thing … the notion of interdimensional or intertemporal orientation.

Sigil recreation by artist Randell Sarneel
The Stargate Sigil


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