How Transology Transformed Into BUFON!


The Belgian UFO Network (BUFON), Transology, is a Disclosure initiative consisting out of a network of independent investigators. This project sprouted from the older Transology Skywatch Group model (2011-2019) where I personally trained people in various aspects as well as dimensions on the overall UFO or UAP phenomenon. All lessons and workshops in the eight years running this project were given freely and consequently without any personal financial gain. People thought I was mad, training people without charging? Well, as always the answer can be very simple. If nobody sticks his neck out then how are we going to give this world what it needs? By initiating such a project the Disclosure could find a sound foundation in the low lands and possibly northern Europe. It was my pleasure to give and I feel tremendous satisfaction having done so. My self imposed eight year task has come to a close and it feels great because a new task is at hand. I want to thank all the people that added freely beside me. These few are pioneers into establishing a first awareness on Disclosure in this region of the world.

So what’s next? As the title BUFON implies there’s a splendid transformation afoot that will widen the Disclosure from a small group perspective to a free network of linked investigators, cooperators and freelancers. BUFON Transology has already positioned itself as a trustworthy platform in terms of being a sound basis for information on ufology in general and will set out projects accordingly. The future is bright.

Bart Bateman – Executive Director


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