Holistic Relaxation Support Inside Crop Circles


Transology takes great care in bringing the crop circle team to a relaxed state. Mind and body need to be prepared for upcoming contact procedures that are often only hours away. The nightly skywatch sessions in Wiltshire are always preceded by crop circle investigations during the day.

Transology uses different tools in the field. Singing bowls are quite heavy to bring along but can be very satisfying. Resonating with them can inspire good results in both relaxation and preparations for extraterrestrial contact.

Touching or massaging people can also be an important factor. The energetic interactions between human bodies are often practised. Even dancing can be included for focusing on one oneness.

Wherever the Transology crew starts these procedures other people often start to connect with them. The zen vibe attracts other visitors. Afterwards people tend to stay a while and ask questions or discuss on how they experienced what they just saw.

Then there is resting or sleeping inside a crop circle. There’s nothing coming close to finding your own zen spot inside the formation. When your eyes close while experiencing the warmth of the sun above charging your temple you feel this tremendous moment of bliss.


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