‘High Strangeness’ during a Skywatch in Wiltshire!


It was a night to remember. July 2017, during a Skywatch session in a Crop Circle at Star Hill. The night looked promising while we set up our gear. After the initial warmup and contact procedures we were soon keeping watch on everything that could vector in on our signal. After a while we saw a luminescent cloud appearing while it made its way through the night sky. We focused and took the camera (Nikon D5500) to snap a shot of it. And then it happened! Just as we turned the device we heard an incoming signal through our walkies. The funny thing was that this happened 4 times in a pattern. No technical malfunction could be detected and after the Skywatch everything turned to normal again. This is a genuine case of ‘High Strangeness’ and a sign that contact was established.


Investigation on the Road!

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