Fact or Fiction in Hollywood?


Alien abduction! That one troubled item throughout the UAP files that makes us wonder if the extraterrestrials aren’t evil demons descending from some sort of dimension to trick and haunt us. Well, the Hollywood movie system has done its part well to plant that idea in our minds. Fortunately we have ways to reprogram ourselves, one of which is the implementation of knowledge. We have different ways to acces it. Read books, attend lectures, watch movies, experience different situations in life or seek to tap into the mystical world of inspiration. Basically meaning that we transcend into a state where we have the ability to interface with the cosmic (quantum) field and retract information from it. Inspiration is actually your communication with the quantum field. Consequently knowledge acts like a shield. There’s however a difference in knowledge and information. All media is drenched with information but that doesn’t mean it is real knowledge. The same applies for ufology. Movies are very important powerful tools for rapidly projecting and absorbing information. In terms of our consciousness regarding to the extraterrestrial presence Hollywood unfortunately has used it the other way around. We are engulfed with the idea that ‘aliens’ are evil invading beings and the only way to keep them out is through aggressive opposition.

In 2009 director Olatunde Osunsanmi launched his film translation on the alien abduction. It’s titled simply as ‘The Fourth Kind’. The movie tells you that it is based on actual case studies and goes on in some sort of ‘Blair Witch’ pseudodocumentary-fashion to creep you up. It’s a scary ride that gives you the idea that if the aliens are after you you don’t stand a chance. They are shadows coming to spook you at night while performing dark medical experiments on their helpless victims or worse, kill them in their bed for no reason.

Psychologist Abigail Tyler (played by Milla Jovovich) lives in Nome, a remote town in Alaska. It is plagued by strange events. People disappear for no reason and the place has been frequently visited by FBI agents in the past but no files or information from any investigation is available. Abigail decides to perform video-interviews on some of her confused patients. She asks them about their nightmares during hypnosis. However, each patient experiences something similar connecting every case study. They all see a white owl observing them. To make matters worse the hypnosis sessions drive every patient insane and Abigail is being prosecuted by the FBI for murder and kidnapping.

The creators of this film have used actual UAP file details. Which is stunning! Or their ability to tap into the quantum field for the correct details of certain cases is downright phenomenal. This doesn’t in anyway mean that this film is correct information. It’s more disinformation sprinkled with true strategically-installed facts which makes this picture an interesting item to study. What propels this movie to seriously important instead of ordinary is the use of the Sumerian language. The investigators learn that the aliens speak this ancient language while abducting people. This commensurates beautifully with the ‘Ancient Alien’ theory. More precise with the research of ufologist Zecharia Sitchin who translated the Sumerian clay tablets and found that there are references to extraterrestrial intervention in our ancient history.

It gets even better. In the movie we see ‘faked’ footage where Abigail gets abducted, better phrased possessed. Her almighty captors deliver her the message that they can do as they please with her because they are God and she is just some sort of lab specimen! A most satisfying notion because that’s exactly how the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians described these astronauts from space. The ‘Anunnaki’ literally translates in ‘Gods from heaven who descended’ and to some degree they do actually own(ed) us as an experiment.

The film goes on in this fashion. Confronting with real details while you’re excited by the horror overlay. The time issue for the victims to experience their spooky encounters is another clue from the UAP Dossier. It is true that the hour 3.33 is a recurring fact for people that experienced contact. The nature of ‘abduction’ however is not reported as being so hostile as eagerly portrayed in the film. It’s more misunderstood and therefore frightening by fear of the unknown. The Travis Walton case is a good example to show how Hollywood likes to have their own way with the given information. In their film ‘Fire in the Sky’ where Travis was abducted for 5 days they demonized the story. According to Travis the filmstudio Paramount distorted the facts on how the extraterrestrials treated him. He was not attacked but healed before putting him back on Earth. Still, Paramount saw more money in the attacking aliens we assume.


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