Encounter Near Etchilhampton!


(Picture included is a replica of the craft)

In the summer of 2015, the Transology team experienced a strange close encounter during a nightly skywatch in Wiltshire, UK. The events took place while enrolling in skywatch procedures inside the first crop circle that had appeared in August near Etchilhampton. The sky was fully overcast, but still there was sufficient light from above to identify landmarks in the surroundings and the zones of flattened crop. The military was very active, as they appeared to have chosen the crop circle as a waypoint for their helicopters’ routes, passing over every 15 to 20 minutes from the southwest at an estimated altitude of 200 feet. After midnight, when the noise of yet another helicopter was fading, we got startled by a large black line on the horizon that seemed to be closing in on our position from the west. Drawing nearer, the black line turned into a black triangle almost the size of the crop circle. Some of the team members identified it as a plane, but apart from two closely spaced headlights no other features were obvious from our position, except the wavy/curved edge at the back of the triangular-shaped craft that was noticed by one of the witnesses. With a deep roar it passed directly over our heads at about 200-300 feet above, and followed its path out of sight. Photographic attempts revealed only distorted images, but a sound recording of the full event was successful. After a while the helicopters returned and the team decided to continue its procedures through guided meditation inside the center of the 8-fold pattern of flattened crop. During the meditation one of the group’s members noticed an electronic sound, like a few beeps from a cell phone, from the direction out of which we had entered the formation. Although this member is known to have an impaired hearing, he was the only one to notice these sounds. This was followed by a rustling just outside the edge of the flattened crops, and a hint of a shape of something just out of view. Although this witness hadn’t said anything of what he experienced, another member then called out to be seeing the shape of an entity in that direction, with gleaming red eyes. Fear overtook that person, and exclaimed we had to leave immediately. Before taking the time to contemplate of what had happened and how to proceed, the team collected their gear and quickly left the formation in the direction where we had entered it, very close to where the occurrences were localized. Strangely enough, none of the members didn’t notice anything or anyone to be present nearby during our hasty departure.

This was the crop circle from which the Transology team realized this contact. After which the following circle was formed. Could this be a message?

But the most bizarre thing about the circles is the one that was on the same spot in 2014. Do we see the announcement of our contact with the unknown black triangle?


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