East Worldham Encounter!


It was 28.7.18, a very windy day. Me and my friend Simon drove about one hour to see a new crop circle in East Worldham. As we arrived in the crop circle, we were absolutely alone there- no tourists. We walked all around the circle to study it. Then we sat together in the smaller circle to make some pics with the drone. We did about 5 photos in one minute to see which one is best. We didnt see or feel any strange phenomena. Then, as we studied the photos closely at home, we noticed on one photo a strange shadow hovering above us. It´s interesting that we couldn’t see any shadow on the other photos we took in the same minute! If you look closely, you can see a human face profile on top of the shadow ( forehead, nose and chin) looking to the left side! Have we not been alone in this crop circle at all? The answer lies somewhere out there….

Transology has studied the photo material and together with the included testimonial acknowledges the fact that something is quite out of place.

Filters placed on top of the picture clearly give away a presence responsible for the shadow behind the crop circle visitors. Seeing that there is no hard shadow coming from the people inside the formation it is obvious that it comes from another source.

The shadow seen in this last filter (above) has the same darkness as the tramlines (libes to the right) which is remarkable. This means that the object is clearly close by. We can only conclude that something is hovering above the couple. The Transology investigation team sees this as an extraterrestrial presence that has manifested itself in close proximity to the couple.

Last picture provided by the people who experienced this event shows movement in the crop field. This is genuine Cosmeo activity (look for more info on Cosmeo in other blog posts) that is known to be responsible fro the creation of the crop formations.


Holistic Relaxation Support Inside Crop Circles

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