DART! New Crisis Falling From Space!


“I can’t stress this enough! Our development in space, its $400 bilion industry and current level of consciousness is a major issue in coming times!” Bart Uytterhaegen

As the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) project furthers its goal we have to rethink our overall space-involvement. Humans are rapidly developing presence around the planet. Most people are completely unaware of this. There’s currently a $400 bilion space industry up there and a USSF (United States Space Force) is controlling a large part of it. At this point important companies are shifting their main focus from a planetary industry to a space industry. Why? Is space becoming a profitable way to establish long turn assets? Will massive raw materials, better commodities and highly effective space technologies, eventually control everything on planet Earth?

Asteroid Dimorphos scale chart.

DART is an innovative part of the advanced weaponizing in space. This is a part of the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative), enabling highly advanced space-platforms and laser (based) satellite technologies to interact with both space-anomalies, UAP’s and other nations space-based operations. Changing  the course of an asteroid, of considerable size, is one of our latest space-features. NASA successfully bumped Dimorphos out of its orbit. But what does that mean?

What we’re actually seeing at this point is only a tiny fraction, a splinter, of a much larger space-based undertaking. DART is part of the ‘weaponizing of space program’, which saw its debut back in the ’80s, when president Reagan first announced the SDI or ‘Star Wars’ Project. The direct hit on the asteroid Dimorphos is a test to see if a DART spacecraft can successfully drill and hook itself into the stone layers.

“DART is a giant leap for humanity in planetary defense!” NASA

$300 million dollars to crash into a harmless asteroid. Why? NASA wants to test if they could bring an asteroid, posing a real threat to Earth, out of its orbit. Of course the test is is in all consideration is all of the above but there is is definitely more to it. Consider the acronym ‘DART’. It shares the knowledge the project wants to redirect something. Change its course!

If the DART can drill itself into the stone layers of the asteroid it can hook itself to it. That’s stage 1 of the proces. When the DART spacecraft is activated to pull or push the asteroid in any direction it sees fit we’ve reached fase 2. In all consideration the DART spacecraft is an asteroid-carrier system. It can guide through space and position the asteroid into any chosen orbit. DART can navigate an asteroid of considerable size to any chosen location and release it. The question remains if this can be used as a weapon instead of a planetary defense?



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