Danebury UFO Sighting


When the Transology investigation team arrived at the fresh Danebury formation it encountered an 9 year old boy eagerly trying to get into the crop circle. One of our investigators, Frederik Goethals, saw the boy running through the farmer’s field without respecting the tramlines. Frederik tried to get the boy’s attention and explained that this wasn’t the way to enter the field. The farmer could have damaged crop and the Transology team takes great care not to damage anything during an investigation. The boy was there for a reason however and it would soon be understood that he was part of the investigation in a very exciting way. After Frederik had made the boy turn back and use the conventional way to enter the field a process started to unfold which proved to be a very important part in our investigation.

When Bart Bateman arrived in the circle team member, Sabine Sulmon, informed him that something important was afoot. She noticed that the boy, named Charlie, had a very important story to tell. He saw a UFO that same morning hovering over the field! Sabine then asked Bart to interview him and she started to film the entire thing. Charlie explained that the grey looking craft was hovering, not flying, and that it had only two lights at each side. He couldn’t hear anything because he was in a car driving towards school. This was around 8.30 am. Bart asked his mother Alana Hollister to get Charlie drawing a picture of what he had experienced.

It is very clear that the boy isn’t describing a drone. Furthermore drones are not even allowed over that area for that matter. Charlie has no direct interest in science fiction or things concerning space travel. He is a normal boy of his age that likes to swim, run and play outside who happens to have stumbled upon a UFO above a crop formation. This of course explained why Frederik Goethals had to apprehend him running through the farmer’s field later that day. Charlie was over excited on what he experienced and with almost all cases, where people encounter a UFO, it leaves a distinctive mark upon them. They often return to the place where they had the sighting.


Skype Interview between Jim Penniston and Transology founder Bart Bateman

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