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Crop Circle Investigation in Hampshire, UK! Part 1


It was one of those moments where you feel that everything is coming together. Of all things Transology was blessed with a fresh circle to investigate. The team was the first to enter the formation at Danebury Iron Age Hillfort, Nr Stockbridge, Hampshire (reported 1st July, 2019). Some people even think that we have made it which is not the case. Transology never created a crop circle or has close relations to supposed teams who make them. It is amazed how fast people tend to see people making them opposed to really investigating them. If most of these precious artworks are manmade then where are all these stories of angry farmers scurrying the hoaxers out of the field or all the police reports about people vandalizing the fields? It amazes me that so many circles are successfully crafted in the death of night. They are geometrically stunning while made with stomper boards and ropes (probably with the help of laser technique) so there has to be lots and lots of light and commotion during the making process. How is this possible without even once being detected? Are all farmers and police officers payed off or asleep all the time? Please note also that in Wiltshire lots of nightwatch teams are observing the fields. It is impossible not to be detected unless you have speed and stealth on your side.


Transology Crop Circle Investigation Report!

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