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Crop Circle Consultant Randell Sarneel


It is widely known that BUFON Transology is heavily involved in the crop circle investigation. We’ve done studies on circle formations from Engeland, the Netherlands to France. Our latest installment in this part of the ongoing UAP investigation is the labo work from Sjaak Damen which we will address in another publication soon. Somewhere in that process our CC Consultant came into being. Randell Sarneel was already doing much work both for the crop circle communities and the investigation itself. In march 2011 he published his book ‘Beeldtaal Gewasformaties, Deel 1’ where he gives an honest answer from his own original point of view to all who is interested in crop circles. The book was included into the BUFON Transology archive shortly after Randell joined the team. Bart Bateman enjoyed it very much and expressed on many occasions that he is eagerly anticipating part two.

BUFON Transology CC Consultant Randell Sarneel

Randell has his own website next to BUFON Transology where a wider front of his artistic work is exposed. Apart from his crop circle research he has done more work with Bart Bateman. On of which was staged in the ghost-town of Doel near Antwerp. Both artists together with team members conjured up a huge Transology Sigil. It’s the very symbol of the Belgian investigation team. The project would not have been a succes without the artistic insight and calculations on Randell his part.

Randell his inside work on crop circles revolves mostly around the images of the formations. He has a personal view on the geometry and analyses them through knowledge on dimensions such as art, science, philosophy, psychology and esotery. In many ways Randell is fully evolved through hard work and self-study and therefore a perfect coworker on the Transology project. Throwing one eye on his website gives you the impression of somebody who has the ability to look behind the curtains by raising his own sets of questions. He really likes to know how things work and engineers artistic projects to accomplish in that.

A modern-day-all-out-wizard on his own. Randell charges with many tools to get the job done. Computers, cameras, pencils and brushes, you name it! The best tool in his kit is his very brain. it has a nonstop intriguing work ethic. His cooperation to the BUFON Transology effort is therefore of great importance. Most importantly Randell doesn’t shy away from hoaxers and how they try to indirectly influence the crop circle phenomenon. Hoaxers or not, the investigation continues.

Randell Sarneel working at the Vimy crop circle in France (2020)


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