Cosmeo Detection During Skywatch Preparations in Wiltshire!


A Cosmeo is essentially known as a highly sophisticated interactive device that is sent by extraterrestrial scouts in the area. It coordinates contact while scanning the place or person of interest. the advanced sensor is capable of merging with biological material and even interact with DNA. It can both download, compute or upload material. The ‘Orb’ phenomenon is not quite the same although it is often seen or experienced as such. Orbs can originate from Earth. These are energies that can interact with humans and although the scientific explanation is not conclusive on the matter it is safe to say that these interactions do exist. It is hard to distinguish the Cosmeo from the Orb.

Transology had its share of incoming Cosmeo activity during fieldwork. Picture above shows a very curious extraterrestrial devise scouting our activity as the crew was setting up a skywatch zone for a night watch in Wiltshire, UK. The Cosmeo was detected by our cameras but couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.


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