Coming Soon! A Skype Interview Between Stephen Bassett & Bart Bateman!


The Executive Director Steve Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group will be giving an exclusive interview with Executive Director Bart Bateman (Transology). We will give updates as we proceed on this project.

After having serious technical difficulties with the Belgian-USA connection through skype it looked like we would have to reschedule with Executive Director Steve Bassett from PRG. Bassett however agreed on driving home to get a better internet connection while we could fix our problems from our end. The result was an almost two hour delay before we could get this on the right track. Great how things come together.

Special thanks for the technical support and telephone solutions by Frederik Bonnicolli and Bram Uytterhaegen for making this happen and a big thank you to Steve bassett for cooperating on this. The interview will be available soon.

Stephen Bassett on the interview through facebook

Steve Bassett “Enjoyed the interview very much. Bart is one of the nicest guys in the research/media community.”


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