BUFON Writes the Belgian King!


17 januari 2017, the first correspondence between BUFON and the Belgian Monarchy. What would be the motive of a young pioneering UAP investigation team for contacting the King of Belgium? The answer is a quite simple one. BUFON points out that there’s a lack in officially investigating the UAP-phenomenon from a national point of view. Yes, there’s an international effort which mostly comes from the military industrial complex and NATO. However, Belgium in itself is officially not aware of the ongoing proceedings concerning the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Or, is it? With ‘officially lacking’ we press on the sore spot of not having an agency that’s openly researching UAP’s or interacting with foreign agencies that does.

BUFON is a Belgian independent organization consisting out of loose cooperations with both national and international ufologists. It therefore seeks recognition for the investigation it’s provided for over a decade. Not to get itself appraised but to create an even larger effort by requesting the first Official Belgian UAP-agency. Whether this is organized under scientific, military or intelligence is besides the point. As long as Belgium becomes self aware of the need for such an effort another worldwide block falls into place.

The first letter in 2017 was answered by a standard answer by his Majesty’s secretary-general Pol De Witte. The reply stated that there was no time for an official audience. That was however expected explains executive director Bart  Uytterhaegen.

“Getting people’s attention on the necessity of having official UAP investigation is hard. Making a Monarchy to act on this is downright impossible. But if it works then many in-between steps are overcome all at once!”




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