BUFON investigated the Vimy Crop Circle (France). Next to the core group led by secretary Frederik Goethals and executive director BartUytterhaegen  the research team consisted out of very prominent players in the field. The circle was already noticed by team members as having a very interesting pattern. The Knights Templar cross is very prominent and by no doubt very meaningful. The geometric design in itself is a very powerful experience. Upon entering this piece of art you have that feeling of becoming silent as if you would step into a cathedral.

Vimy France 11/07/2020

BUFON as always is very interested in investigating the facts firsthand. What is actually visible through ‘boots on the ground’ examination. Seeing the color of the circle it’s quite clear that it’s an older one and already trampled by many eager visitors. This in itself is not a problem as BartUytterhaegen often states…

“The more the Crop Circle is visited the earlier the team has to awaken itself into spotting its greater potential.”

BartUytterhaegen investigating stems and nodes

The Vimy circle shows no stretch marks from use of stomper boards. That’s the first sign that something odd is going on. The plants don’t seem to be flattened by trampling techniques. On further investigation there’s a first biophysical anomaly present. The elongated nodes are very obvious inside the circle and apart from the first rows they don’t seem to be present at the outskirts which were checked from the north and the east tram lines. Inside the circle we have a clear brown coloration at the height of the elongated nodes that show a notch. The notch is not visible on the corn stalks outside of the circle.

Brown elongated plant nodes inside the circle

Next to the elongated nodes the team discovered a very interesting lay pattern. Simply explained .. there is no beginning or end to it. How does one create such a pattern? You might start at one point then take another turn to flatten it further but if you reach the same starting point how do you flatten the plants underneath the first you’ve flattened?

BUFON team members investigating the outer circles of the design



Ongoing Crop Circle Investigation!

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