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As we saw the transition from the term UFO to UAP ufologists around the world got more for what they bargained for. An entire golf of media coverage concerning a formerly secret Pentagon program washed over the world. A most welcome sign of the Disclosure for sure. A new UFO expert entered the network of researchers and investigators. All of a sudden everybody talked about Luis Elizondo who worked for the clandestine U.S. government program. Is this groundbreaking nonfiction? QAccording to the information Elizondo quit the Pentagon because he was frustrated by what he says was a UFO cover-up.

OUSDI [the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence)

In many ways these steps taken by the Pentagon are too good to be true for UFO investigators. Media coverage on Navy activity capturing images on UAPs looks like an open Disclosure we’re anticipating for years. BUFON Transology has taken the matter very seriously and took a closer look at AATIP. For starters there are a few myths circling the internet. AATIP did not start in 2012 but existed as far back as 2007 where the program was originally created as a bipartisan effort to better understand UAPs encountered by U.S. military and determine if they represent a national security threat.

AATIP supposedly found nothing of significance! How can a 22 million a year program explain this? According to our latest data AATIP’s mission focusses on thrust vectoring, G-force protection, UAP maneuverability, rapid employment, enemy evasion, first strike capability, hypersonic velocity, instantaneous acceleration, advanced stealth capabilities, strategic surprise, target flexibility, battle space dominance, flight precision, loiter capability and decreased signature. AATIP emphasis on unconventional technology capabilities 40 years in the future and beyond. The program has done considerable research in these areas.

AATIP was formerly known as AAWSAP, the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program (2007), but changed its name to AATIP in 2008 by former Program Manager to focus more narrowly on the 5 observables and research of advanced physics applications.


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