Belgian Activity Near Area 51!


Bart Bateman had a meeting with friends who were close to Area 51. Why not join with them in a spot where Area 51 is recreated for amusement purposes? Bart therefore travelled to Bottrop, Germany and met with them. It was the setting for yet another exciting information exchange. Only this time it came directly from Nevada with a Belgian flavor written all over it. The more stories revolve around Area 51 the bigger the mystery gets. Will BUFOC Transology pierce through some of that? Stay tuned for more information coming through.

Bart Bateman & Peter Laureyssens

There’s only one way to know more about Area 51 .. you’ll need proper intel from the inside. To start searching for that particular information you’ll need to know who runs the place to begin with. The mysterious base north of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert is under USAF control. Some call it ‘Homey Airport’.

Bart Bateman

To investigate further you could try to find out who controls the USAF but that’s not the purpose of this blog post. USAF has an official story as to why the base is so secret. It’s a test site for secret airplanes, fighter planes and stealth fighters. However, if you know anything about satellites you can easily see that this is a cover story. The zone above Area 51 is indeed off-limits for other aircraft so that should hold the Russians and Chinese from getting that spy picture they always wanted. Earth’s orbit however is teeming with satellites and they can take a 4K (UHD) picture of every square inch of this USAF desert hideout.

So … is it not a testing facility for new and secret airplanes? It sure is but that’s beside the point. All above ground activity is seen by USAF and other military intelligence agencies as disclosed and open for everybody to see. Knowing this gets you thinking. The secret stuff is down below or should we say under the surface. Area 51 is no exception! It’s a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base). The Russians have them, the Chinese have them and so does the US. In many ways it is therefore quite useless to try and sneak into the base because you will see nothing important. But the myth has exceeded the reality and people will always try to break in or even ‘storm’ the base hoping to see alien technology flying around.

Photo Courtesy by Peter Laureyssens

These days Area 51 is no exception to the global commercialization on everything. ‘Top Secret’ can be bought at the right price. Everything is for sale and fits into a business model. Area 51 is a brand now and people try to sell it in every way they think it’s possible.


New Intel on TTSA & AATIP!

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