Nick Pope and Bart Uytterhaegen At the Barcelona World UFO Congress


This was such a great way to finally meet with Nick Pope (ex MoD) seeing that we only known each other from online activities. We had a short conversation on doing a documentary on ‘The Rendlesham Forest Enigma’ with Jim Penniston (ex USAF) next year. If all goes well we could be shooting with Jim and Nick at the famous military base. A very inspiring idea, to see the exact spot were Penniston encountered the mysterious craft in the woods. This will be the setup for the video shoot. Nick knows the Rendlesham file well because of his background in the british Ministry of Defense. So this could turn out to be a promising project. Any movement from the planning stage into something more tangible will be published on this blog. Nick is a very interesting man to talk to. As an insider Nick has a good understanding on how the UFO dossiers are handled from an official standpoint making him a well established authority in the worldwide UFO connection. He understands the complexity of the entire conundrum without falling into the pitfalls that believers and debunkers desperately try to create. The investigation in my opinion will prove to overcome these separations in the future. Nick keeps a respectful distance from dogmatic views in either direction and has been working non-stop to better facilitate the facts and investigations accordingly. That was initially why Nick noticed the ‘Transology – Belgian UFO Connection’, because of its data-led method of investigation which he supports. Nick is also passionate about his work and lectures on the ins and outs on the subject with great personal enthusiasm. It is a boost the UFO/UAP investigation needs to become a well accepted issue around the world. Something unknown is flying through our skies and needs to be addressed. We detect them but do not really understand what it is. Nick among other leading experts will be essential in this process.

Bart Bateman (left) with Nick Pope (middle)

Upon meeting Nick for the first time I was even more amazed by his professionalism. He has that twinkle in his eye, almost saying that many things inside the UFO communities are very much ‘off-key’. Ufology as a study should be handled better.



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