Bart Uytterhaegen on the Question “Are Aliens Human Anthropologists From the Future?”


Interviewer : Is it true? Is there new information circling the upper echelons of the UAP community that speaks about extraterrestrials being us from the future?

Bart : It’s a concept that has some interesting points that make sense but it’s too early to say that all UAP investigators are adapting to it. As you can imagine investigating something as complicated as the UAP phenomenon requires a cool head. You can’t lose your head into passions that override your reasoning. Getting lost in the swamp of concepts and ideas can be interesting, we need one eye on them, but the other close on the established facts. BUFON Transology never loses the eye on the facts and always cross reference new exotic ideas to what’s fact-based. That’s why we have the files in the first place. Ufologists straying from them should be careful not to lose sight.

Interviewer : Is there consensus between investigators on the fact that aliens are time travelers? What’s your take on this?

Bart : The thing is that we actually have solid information that ETVs (Extraterestrial Vehicles) use time travel for moving through deep space. It’s also very plausibel that extraterrestrials manipulate time in diverse ways as we do matter. Most investigators agree on this because there are too many indicators in the files that push us in that direction. We should always remind ourselves that time is a planetary concept for better organizing our lives.

Interviewer : It’s rumored that there’s a new spin on the entire UAP phenomenon and that certain investigators are planning to back this up with scientists? Can you give us more info on this?

Bart : Rumors are never seen as facts in the UAP network and have to be handled with care. However, I can provide you with the factual details that I have received myself. Some I am at liberty to share others have to remain unspoken until further notice. Some UAP investigators ask for discretion when the info is too sensitive. There’s also the thing of national security. Turn this around how many times you want, when military and or intelligence are obliged by oath to not openly discus certain materials we have to respect that. However, there’s truth to your question. UAP investigators are in the midsts of a transformation regarding on how the entire UAP dossier will be approached in the future. This is a fact.

Interviewer : Does this have something to do with the inter-dimensional capabilities of the phenomenon? We have quite a few testimonials where we have flying saucers disappearing from sight, only to reemerge afterwards in the same location.

Bart : It depends on how you approach ‘inter-dimensional’? Let’s say that you are dealing with an advanced civilization with a thousand years of technological development ahead of us. The tech would not be seen by our ‘primitive’ standards as technology but as magic. Humanity has no real concept of the word ‘inter-dimensional’ and for all intent and purposes has no real way of getting a grip on the notion. Therefore we still perceive it as sorcery or worse, entirely impossible. Some try to understand it but ubiquitously we have no real scientific way to justify it apart from some activity in fringe science circles. I can acknowledge that the overall UAP study will set a marker in this development and will transform our awareness on this matter. The fact that UAPs can cloak themselves from the naked eye has everything to do with frequenties and how they apply them technologically. The question that we all should ask ourselves is … “does the power to shift matter with frequenties has anything to do with being inter-dimensional?”

Interviewer : Does the obviously inter-dimensional capabilities of the aliens aid us in communicating with them?

Bart : When you study the UAP files you are faced with the truth about how the cosmos works. It is unavoidable. The universal language of the cosmos is not mathematics or geometry as so many would like to believe. These are all derivatives. Frequentie is the true language of the Cosmos. This means that everything is in constant movement even if it doesn’t look that way. That is the key to understanding inter-dimensionality. Now let us take a look at the communication between species on Earth. The best possible way is through language and that is sound. Writing will never be as effective as oral communication. Reading takes more effort than listening. We all can agree on that. In my opinion to understand how we need to communicate with EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) depends on our knowledge on sound and frequentie. However, different evolution might use different forms of vibratory communication, not necessarily through language. As stated in my former answer, inter-dimensional abilities are generated through advanced science based on frequentie. When we will understand frequenties, the cosmic language, in a more advanced way we might be able to augment our ability to communicate with different forms of communicating with EBEs. I’m saying sound, color and light.

Interviewer : Are aliens time travelers? Are they us from the future like anthropologists studying their own past?

Bart : The EBEs appearing to defy known laws of physics can be seen as time travelers. There’s no direct indication that the UAP phenomenon may be our own distant descendants coming back through time to study us in their own evolutionary past but it is on the table and remains a possibility. It has yet to be seen.




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