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Are Crop Circles Investigated by the Army?


The crop circle project came to full speed inside the BUFON Transology team when the chemistry of different coworkers was forged! We had successfully mixed the BLT research study with a symbolic interpreter and a labo technician. On top of that Bart Bateman had many meetings with dutch crop circle investigator Janet Ossebaard to discuss her personal investigation. This was the dynamite needed to bring the investigation into the right direction. BUFON Transology understood from the get-go that not one perspective but several were needed to get some idea on what crop circles actually mean or represent. One of the interesting things Transology discovered during the investigation process is that the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) held their own research and groundwork on the subject.

Black Army helicopter above crop circle

Governments and armies of many countries deny any interest in the crop circle phenomenon. Through our investigation we can without a doubt say that this isn’t true. During several expeditions to the crop circles we’ve observed army presence. Our team was monitored from black helicopters at night. Even at day we spotted lots of them overseeing our investigations while flying over. It is safe to say that the army investigates crop circles and keeps a close watch on who else is researching them.

The official statement from the British army, concerning the military operations around crop circles, is that they carry out standard flights and that the pilots photograph the patterns because they like them. However, as investigator Janet Ossebaard, pointed out, the military helicopters infringe upon their accepted altitude limits and photograph cars and registration numbers of investigators. Pewsey Valley (crop circle hot spot) is continuously monitored while the have at their disposal an enormous training ground on the Salisbury Plain, slightly to the south? This indeed raises questions.


How Transology Started Its Own Crop Circle Investigation!

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