ACT (The Art of Coming Together)

Skywatchers need to practice their ‘acting-as-a-group’ skills next to the contact procedures and the knowledge of gear. This is important because no signal can be set in the right frequency on the older societal paradigms. The signal, either produced by CTS, meditation or apps and boom box, is in essence an example towards the EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) that we want to become better in governing our planet. This may sound like a very long shot with all the problems we’re having right now on a global scale. But perhaps it has nothing to do with al the wrong things and instead of shooting against world leaders and concocting the next conspiracy theory we should walk away from it. Perhaps we should focus on group commitment and work in a better way with the people at hand in order to produce a better idea on how to relate to each other. What if the ETs look upon these skywatch groups as miniatures on how the world could progress? Think about this. Is coming together in a certain way the right solution instead of criticizing the world and by doing so feeding it to prolong itself.


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