The blog, ‘Another Viewpoint’, is an active initiative of the Low Lands to bring both awareness of a growing new world paradigm. The initiative was established by Bart Uytterhaegen, who’s UAP-investigation, connection with ex-officials (MoD and uSAF) and several publications on the official disclosure, earned him the title of UAP-expert and spokesman on the subject in the Low lands.

The blog articles focus heavily on the official UAP-study, its unstoppable disclosure, the future introduction of free-energy and anti-gravity technologies into our society and deals with a new introduction to ufology, the revival of paganism as a model for reshaping our society. Bart Uytterhaegen’s second book will handle the topic of (Northern-Europe) paganism in correlation to an ancient astronaut file because it is an important aspect for the new world paradigm.

“At this point our job isn’t about proving the presence of extraterrestrial life anymore. Seeing the enormous amount of proof we have. We are quite past that. We need to Disclose through various official channels that we are trying to better understand the UAP issue for what it is. We need to put it into the equation of our daily lives and evolve with it! Why are they here and how can we cooperate for mutual benefit? That’s the bigger question!”