The BUFON Transology Initiative, established by executive director Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen in 2011, is a Belgian effort to facilitate a professional study on the UAP phenomenon and participates in its ongoing Disclosure. We strive to end the truth embargo, lasting for over seventy years on all things related to the extraterrestrial presence, and participate into creating global awareness concerning the entire issue. BUFON Transology puts words and ideas into action and corresponds with official members of various international as well as national organizations next to conducting a wide range of ‘boots on the ground’ UAP investigations. Ranging from crop circle investigations, skywatch procedures, the study of UAP hotspots and contactee testimonials. A great part of the effort goes into studying the overall UAP dossier, including files from various military and government sources as well as additional information from intelligence agencies around the world. BUFON Transology is in any way a leading example into the UAP study and its exopolitics.

“At this point our job isn’t about proving the presence of extraterrestrial life anymore. Seeing the enormous amount of proof we have. We are quite past that. We need to Disclose through various official channels that we are trying to better understand the UAP issue for what it is. We need to put it into the equation of our daily lives and evolve with it! Why are they here and how can we cooperate for mutual benefit? That’s the bigger question!”