The Transology Initiative is a Belgian effort to facilitate a professional study towards the UFO phenomenon and its ongoing Disclosure.

The world of Ufology has always been a difficult area for investigators because of the truth embargo, lasting for over sixty years, and the widespread of disinformation. For the first time in history we live in a time where governments and intelligence agencies release ‘some’ of their documentation.

Indoor studies are being revealed. It’s both exciting as difficult to grasp the phenomenon in its entirety. For most people it is a strange thing to suddenly have to realize that we’re not alone in the universe. That’s why the Transology group is active in this time of need. The subject can’t really be ignored anymore and needs trustworthy channels of study as well as information so that everybody can benefit from the solid sources and investigations.

“Disclosure should only be realized through love, peaceful meditations, respect for life, and a ‘non-violence’ approach, never in a blame game about who or what kept the UFO phenomenon a secret all those decades … we are quite past conspiracies and need to move on.” 


“Disclosure is the time where we as a race have the ability to understand everything from an extraterrestrial point of view so that we might be introduced to a larger awareness without being mind-blown.”

We have to catch up on the facts in order to uplift our galactic awareness. Ufology, how overwhelming in terms of documentation, is but a start. There’s fieldwork necessary to get us in the game. Skywatching and sessions in important hotspots can be very rewarding and further enriches the experience. But the story doesn’t end there.

Anyone that works in the field will at some point understand that individual growth is just as important as studying the files or making contact during field-sessions. Ufology and Lightology go hand in hand. This is the first step into becoming galactic aware.

A personal story …

Transology originated in my mind when I was seven years old after I had a Close Encounter. This was 1984. I was always fascinated by two things in my childhood, the Star Wars Kenner (Vintage) Toy-Line (running from 1978 to 1985) that produced these fabulous space figures and a stunning visual Bible drawn by the artist Gustave Doré. As I am fully aware now I played around these two concepts as a child and made them as one.

I fantasised and created my own stories with them and became very inspired as to what is out there … are intelligent life forms amidst the stars like gods or more like space astronauts? During this process I received, what I best could describe, an intruder at night. This presence came in the form of a vivid dream.

The eerie part is that this dream was the same every night until it became unbearable. Every time I saw myself standing in a white formless zone until a huge ‘out-of-this-world’ cube-like machine closed in on my position. It made a strange tremor or sound, like a strong humming that drove me into a sudden anxiety. At that point I walked away from it and encountered a bridge in that void whereupon a white flower was positioned in the middle of it.

The odd vibration, emitting from the machine behind me, pushed me to the ground untill I became almost paralyzed. As I pressed on to escape this situation I felt very heavy and slow as if I was in some sort of suspended animation. The only goal left was to try and crawl up to the flower. When I reached it the dream stopped and I awoke in sweat. One night I tried to outsmart the dream and tried to stay awake on the sofa in the living room.

Unknowingly I felt asleep only to be abruptly awoken by another presence, only this time it wasn’t in my dream … it was real. I saw the most bizarre thing happening before my eyes. The door between the living room and the hallway of the apartment was opening and closing in the same interval but there was no sound. At that point I became my heartbeat and all of a sudden I felt numb and a white orb-like light flew inside my Solar Plexus (Chakra point). When the intruder was inside I felt warm, loved and a deep sense of happiness.

I then received a series of emotions and visualisations in what we call ‘the Mind’s Eye’. The dreams never returned after that point and I felt very weak for a time. As the years progressed I felt more and more disconnected from the ‘human reality’ and was always trying to speak out for the deeper levels of our existence. In short … I was no longer in agreement with this world and what it was becoming and I started to search for an answer … a solution. Transology gave me that path.


“Truly I tell you, unless you transform and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)