Is This the End of the Cover-up?


New trailer on the documentary by James Fox. Although this work needs to be a comprehensive history of some of the best-known and most puzzling UFO incidents worldwide it also does a damn good job on advertising for TTSA, Towards the Stars Academy, its materials. It’s all over the trailer. BUFON Transology at this point is not opposed to the sudden US Navy footage that’s been released through the net and media such as the New York Times but asks for caution. The released AATIP (Pentagon its UFO research program) materials that confirm the existence of UAP’s (new term for UFO’s) only comes from the Navy. This in itself raises questions. Where are the army, intelligence and air force materials? The confirmation of UAP’s is just that, unidentified ‘things’ in our airspace. It could very well be foreign drones for all we know at this point. Investigators need to keep an objective eye on all materials and be aware of being pinned down in one direction. We can’t just reinvent seventy years of strong ufology and cast it into a TTSA mold. There’s more to it!

It is however understandable that we get excited by this sudden rush throughout the network. An official voice has descended to point out that UFO’s are real! It’s quite sensational to say the least. Christopher Mellon, a former senior intelligence official US department of defense and member of TTSA, drops it bluntly that we need to accept that we’re not alone in the universe. Finally! What we would also like to know is why they kept it a secret for over seventy years and even ignored the question from an official point of view!

In the trailer we also see senator Harry Reid, the man that started AATIP, confirming the coverup?! He states that it’s very bad for our country that the Federal Government covered up everything. Just like that! No “sorry, we lied”. We have to be a bit skeptical as good investigators do. Therefore we use caution while parking the TTSA adventure as an add-on to the overall current ufology. Other materials, dossiers and testimonials, are just as important. New info has to be tested before we break out the champagne but then again it is good news for action is taken from official corners. It’s only a pitty that it’s told through a commercial company such as TTSA.

We can see James Fox his latest work ‘The Phenomenon’ as a new installment for enhancing the global extraterrestrial consciousness and the TTSA content will be checked out as things progress. Ufologists, get to work!

James Fox

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