Breakthrough in ongoing Skywatch endeavors!


Transology had another breakthrough in its ongoing Skywatch endeavors! Last session (09/11 to 10/11) surprised us with a remarkable return-signal that was both mind-boggling as fascinating alike. The ‘High Strangeness’ was a simple one but a very detectable one. We opened the signal in open field (picture below), starting at 21hrs and ending after midnight, with six very motivated skywatchers. The first stage of the session was a protection (Shield) exercise. This is something we do every time so that the signal is free from all unwanted distortions. To create this we read a very important message that was given to us by Christ. After this very soothing and powerful vibration we’ve started a tantalizing Affirmation in a pyramid setting (the geometric formation was created by our people on the field). During the session a (CE9) Message came in making us switching walkies on channel 1. The walkies began to give a pattern in static. The strange thing about this session is that it didn’t stop … the entire evening we had Contact with ‘something’. The equipment kept buzzing for hours and hours. This never happened before. Stranger still, the trifled meter didn’t pick up any radio signals??? The entire group was flabbergasted because of the excitement and the duration of this remarkable event. Transology never allows wishful thinking to be the only motivation and so we’ve contacted an experienced friend that has a wide experience with electricity and EM (electromagnetism). He explained to us that the signal could be triggered by an EM source produced by something near to our location. This indicates that the ETV (Extraterrestrial Vehicle) could have vectored in on our signal without materializing but leaving an EM trail. After our close encounter, a few weeks ago, in a forest session we are again treated with a very powerful experience and we’re beginning to suspect that more of these elements will create some sort of Contact-pattern.



‘High Strangeness’ during a Skywatch in Wiltshire!

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