10 Years Ago UFO’s Were All About Laughter … This Changed!


The topic has changed from fringe science to exposure in the news! The Pentagon’s media actions have a bombarding effect on the entire UFO/UAP network and debunkers alike. It goes beyond UFO’s are real .. there’s much more to this!

Bart Bateman Uytterhaegen has done work both inside the UFO/UAP network and officials occupied with this material. What’s currently happening? The navy confirms the existence of UAP’s! It’s real! Little by little the Governments of the world are preparing themselves to disclose this with a big ‘D’. They are planning this.

The social structure could suffer a breakdown if this isn’t done right! hat’s why these procedures, like the announcement of AATIP’s UAP investigation in the news and the release of navy footage capturing different UAP’s, is of the greatest importance. Slowly with a ‘drip-feeding’ mechanism the story is introduced. At this point we even have an answer on Project Blue Book, one of the first official UFO investigations. They lied! UAP’s are real!



BUFON Informes the Belgian and Dutch Monarchy!

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